CPD for Pharmacists & Pharmacy Technicians in Great Britain
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CPD Submission
Compulsory standards
General questions

Submission questions

What is the difference between a record and an entry?

A CPD record is made up of several CPD entries and consists of every entry you have written since you began recording your CPD. You must use one of the Society’s approved formats for recording your CPD. Every pharmacist or pharmacy technician has only one CPD record.

A CPD entry is one piece of learning you have done; it can start at any stage in the CPD cycle and should always end at ‘Evaluation’.

How many entries will I have to submit once my record is called for review?

You must submit a maximum of twenty entries.

What is the minimum time period my entries should cover?

CPD became mandatory under the Code of Ethics in 2005. While you are advised to submit some entries for each year from 2005, or the year you registered with the Society, if you are unable to do this you may submit up to 20 entries from this year.

The current standards did not come into force until 1st March 2009. All entries made after 1st March 2009 must comply with the standards of nine entries per year.

How will I know when I’m called to submit?

We will write to you at your registered address outlining all the details, along with notification of your deadline. A message will also appear on your CPD Online home page after you’ve logged in once we’ve asked to see your record.

What if I am away from my home address when I am called for review?

You need to make sure that we have a current address for you. Failing that, you can keep your record online and ensure you check it regularly, as you can then submit everything you need to us over the internet.

Once I’m called, how long will I have to submit?

You will have roughly six weeks to submit. Please remember that we must receive your submission by your deadline (which we will inform you of in writing), so you must send it in good time.

What will happen if I am called for review and I miss my deadline?

You will receive a reminder letter from us. If you have missed your deadline you must contact us urgently by emailing or calling the CPD helpdesk on to request an extension to your submission deadline.

What are the different methods by which I can submit to the Society once I am called for review?

Electronically, you can submit either online at this website, or on CPD Desktop. On paper, you can submit on the paper forms provided in Appendix 2 of the Plan and Record for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians Version 1.4 document (which is available to download from this website), or on your employers’ approved forms. If these forms are approved by the Society, they will carry this logo:

I have made some entries on paper and some on CPD Online. When I am called, will I be able to submit some of each?

Yes, you will, but dual submission records must contain a minimum of five paper entries to be processed. You should refer to the Guidance Sheet for Dual Submission (under ‘Documentation’ on the left hand side) for more information about this.

I was absent from work for a few months because I was on maternity leave/due to illness. Do I need to have made CPD entries during that time?

If you were absent from work due to illness or maternity leave, you are exempt from making CPD entries during that period. When you are called to submit your record you may wish to notify us of any gaps in your record by completing the CPD Incomplete Record Notification Form CIRN1

I do not think my CPD entries are very good. Will I be struck off?

No, you will not. As long as you have tried your best to fulfil the requirements, no action will be taken against you. Our reviewers will provide feedback, detailing the strengths and weaknesses of your entries, to help you improve your future entries.

How and when will I receive feedback on my CPD record?

Once your entries have been submitted, you can expect to receive within eight weeks. If you have submitted via CPD Online, you may well receive your feedback sooner than this. If you submit via paper or CPD Desktop, your entries will be uploaded into your CPD Online account automatically. For all submissions, whether by paper, CPD Desktop, or CPD Online, we will send you an executive summary of your feedback through the post, but it will also be available via your CPD Online account.