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CPD Case Studies

The following CPD case studies are based on CPD records submitted to the Society for review and feedback. They consist of background information about the pharmacist, the entry submitted and a reviewer's commentary.

The comments by the reviewer look at how the pharmacist engaged with the CPD cycle and recorded their CPD. In particular, comments are made about good practice and where a different approach could have improved the outcome, and how the questions in the recording format can help with this.

The commentary does not cover all aspects of what has been recorded and instead focuses on just a few key points. To gain a fuller picture it is advisable to read a number of case studies. As the review focuses on engagement in the process described in the CPD cycle, you may also learn from reading some of the cases studies relating to other sectors of practice.

The exemplar case study looks at a scenario that any pharmacist could be faced with. This example is particularly useful because it demonstrates good practice throughout the cycle and how this may be recorded.

All files are in pdf format and require Acrobat 6 reader to view them.
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Exemplar Case Study  

1: Community Pharmacist
2: Community Pharmacist
3: Community Pharmacist
4: Community Pharmacist
5: Community Pharmacist
6: Hospital Pharmacist
7: Hospital Pharmacist
8: Hospital Pharmacist
9: Hospital Pharmacist
10: Hospital Pharmacist

11: Industrial Pharmacist
12: Industrial Pharmacist
13: Industrial Pharmacist
14: Primary Care Pharmacist
15: Primary Care Pharmacist
16: Primary Care Pharmacist
17: Management Pharmacist
18: Academic Pharmacist
19: Academic Pharmacist
20: Academic Pharmacist - available soon