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Workshops and Programmes


Since 1998 CPPE have been working in partnership with the RPSGB on the development of CPD for pharmacists. For some time their learning materials and activities have encouraged reflective practice and pharmacists have been asked to reflect, plan, action and evaluate their learning during and after the learning has taken place. More recently they have been using the Plan and Record to help pharmacists and pharmacy technicians fully engage in the process for CPD becoming mandatory.
CPPE’s full range of learning, such as workshops, focal point, open learning, e-learning and e-assessments, all link directly CPD cycle process.

From Spring 2006 registered pharmacy technicians will have access to a range of CPPE workshops and open learning programmes. For up-to-date information about pharmacy technician developments visit the CPPE website at www.cppe.ac.uk

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NHS Education for Scotland (NES)

In 2004 NES (previously SCPPE) rolled out the RPSGB CPD package to all registered pharmacists within Scotland. At this time, NES worked alongside members of the RPSGB Education Division. NES continues to support this RPSGB initiative within Scotland in a variety of different ways. NES direct, distance learning and e-learning courses continue to address the educational needs of pharmacists and registered pharmacy technicians working in all areas of the NHS in Scotland, while actively encouraging the philosophy and recording of CPD from both formal and informal learning activities. More recently NES are providing CPD surgeries for Pharmacy staff. For further details of CPD activities please see the NHS Education for Scotland website: http://www.nes.scot.nhs.uk/pharmacy/default.asp

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WCPPE as a Centre for Professional Pharmacy Education in Wales have a remit for facilitating and supporting pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with their CPD. One of the WCPPE’s objectives is to raise awareness amongst pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in Wales of the need to engage with and undertake CPD prior to the introduction of revalidation.

The WCPPE offers CPD journal clubs and training sessions in reflective practice to promote and encourage amongst pharmacists the ongoing commitment to CPD. The WCPPE Tutors continue to offer “hands on” training workshops around Wales for those who want to learn how to keep their records online with the ‘Plan & Record’ system. In addition to this their network of WCPPE Tutors for pharmacists and Education and Training Development Officers for pharmacy technicians has a role in facilitating CPD for groups or providing CPD support to individuals in Wales.

Information about these and other WCPPE resources can be found at the following link: www.wcppe.org.uk

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