Describe what you want to learn to be able to do - a learning objective with a stated performance outcome. Distinguish this from describing the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours you will need to develop to support your achievement of this learning objective.

Remember to set SMART objectives:

  • Specific - state exactly what it is you want to learn to be able to do
  • Measurable - be able to test whether you have met your learning objective (if you have already been specific, this should be more straightforward)
  • Achievable - take into account constraints such as time, cost and support be realistic
  • Relevant - if the learning need has been identified in the way that we have described earlier, then this have helped ensure its relevance.
  • Timed - set yourself deadlines for achieving your goals. This is discussed under the heading urgency in the planning section of this Plan & Record. You will record this detail in the planning section of the recording format.